Tourism Advisory Council

In July 2015, the Northern Territory Government released its Red Tape Reduction Strategy and is targeting specific industry sectors to improve the regulatory and compliance framework.

The Minister for Business recently established the Tourism Advisory Council (TAC) to identify red tape in the tourism and hospitality sector and to provide recommendations to government to:

  • increase regulatory certainty, including clarity of regulatory requirements and agencies’ administrative requirements
  • improve the timeliness of government regulatory and administrative processes
  • improve the responsiveness of regulators and government agencies
  • reduce costs to industry participants, including identifying any unnecessary regulatory or administrative requirements, and
  • improve interaction between firms / individuals in the sector and Northern Territory Government agencies.

The Tourism Advisory Council will play an important role in ensuring a competitive business environment for the tourism and hospitality sector, an important contributor to the Territory's economy, and comprises 10 representatives from all regions. Chaired by Mr Trevor Cox, General Manager, Tourism Top End, the Council members have a broad range of experience and knowledge of the Territory’s tourism and hospitality sector.

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