​Reform ​Benefit

Risk-based terms for Trade Waste Permits

The new database ranks permit holders / customers from low risk to high risk. Low risk customers are offered an eight year permit and high risk customers are only issued three year permits.

Lower costs for compliant permit holders. The new database is able to re-print licences at the push of a button, saving customers time and improving service delivery to the hospitality sector.

Owner: Power and Water Corporation

Tourism Advisory Council (TAC) to review red tape

The Tourism Advisory Council will oversee a review of red tape in the tourism sector. The council will identify and offer solutions to reduce the red tape burden on the tourism sector. The establishment of the council is an initiative of the NTG Red Tape Reduction Strategy to target specific sectors to improve the regulatory and compliance framework of the sector. The council comprises 10 representatives from the following regions: Darwin, Alice Springs, Katherine, East Arnhem and Tennant Creek.

The review will produce a final report including recommendations to the Minister for Business in early 2016 for government’s consideration to:

  • increase regulatory certainty, including clarity of regulatory requirements and agencies’ administrative requirements
  • improve the timeliness of government regulatory and administrative processes
    improve the responsiveness of regulators and government agencies
  • reduce costs to industry participants, including identifying any unnecessary regulatory or administrative requirements
  • improve interaction between businesses / individuals in the sector and Northern Territory Government agencies
  • simplify and reduce duplication and overlaps in regulatory, or administrative arrangements.

Owner: Department of Business

Reduced red tape for courtesy vehicle operators

Effective 1 May 2016, the Department of Transport will exempt courtesy vehicle operators across the Northern Territory from the requirement to hold:

  • operator accreditation, and
  • a Courtesy Vehicle Licence.

To ensure the continued safety of passengers, licencing requirements for drivers providing a courtesy service is unchanged. This means drivers will still be required to hold a current ‘h’ endorsement and CPV ID card.

Owner: Department of Transport

​Extension of tour operator permits from one to five years

​Tour operators now have the options of one, three and five year tour operator permits to conduct tours in NT managed parks and reserves. This provides an administrative saving for those operators who take up the three and five year options.

Owner: Parks and Wildlife Commission NT

​CPV cosmetic checks removed

​Checks on cosmetic standards for Commercial Passenger Vehicles (CPV) at the MVR have been removed from September 2015. Changes to the annual roadworthy inspections for CPV including enabling CPV operators to choose to have inspections through private industry and the removal of the cosmetic standard checks from the annual inspection. This enables tourism operators greater choice and flexibility in where / what time their vehicle inspections take place, helps to alleviate long wait times at the MVR and ensures that the focus of an annual inspection is on the key priorities of vehicle standards and safety.

Owner: Department of Transport

​Cutting costs for hotels and clubs - EGM licences can now be transferred

​From 1 July 2015, electronic gaming machine licences can be transferred to a new entity or substituted to a new venue with the related liquor licence. This removes a cost and barrier to the transfer of a business or corporate restructure, and provides greater options for business growth by creating the opportunity to move both liquor and gaming licences to a new venue. Previously, a business had to hand back gaming machine licences to Licensing NT but could transfer or substitute the related liquor licence. This reform also allows business owners who are seeking to sell their business or restructure to retain / realise the value of the EGM licences.

Owner: Department of Business

Simplified requirements for Commercial Visitor Accommodation businesses

The new Commercial Visitor Accommodation requirements are substantially streamlined, including replacing the scaled registration fee structure based on number of bedrooms. Previously, businesses were required to register Accommodation Houses with variable licence fees based on the number of bedrooms. Now have one licence fee, currently $277, for those businesses which provide accommodation for more than seven guests. A Bed n Breakfast business providing accommodation for under seven guests is no longer required to be registered under the regulations.

Owner: Department of Health

Established Tourism Commission

Established to grow the Territory's tourism related businesses.

Owner: Tourism NT

Licensing reform Stage 1 progressively allowing licences, including tourism related licences, to be issued over the counter at Territory Business Centres (TBCs), saving time (up to two days) for employees and businesses

Stage 1 of the project has resulted in the reduction in processing times and transfer of licence issuance to over the counter at TBCs for Association Extracts, Association Copies of Certificate, and  the following licences: Auctioneer Renewal, Machine Manager Replacement, Machine Repairer Replacement, Minor Lottery, Major Lottery, Major Lottery Acquittal, MVD - Dealers Register, Private Security Provisional to Full, Private Security Upgrade, Private Security Replacement, Tobacco Replacement, Wholesale Liquor Renewal.

Owner: Department of Business

Removal of licensing requirement for travel agents

Under national reform, which has been under way for several years, licencing of travel agents ceased on 1 July 2014.

Owner: Department of Attorney-General and Justice

Removal of duplication regarding safe keeping of client money

Part 11 of the Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading Act (NT) that required agents keep money safe was repealed effective 1 July 2014 as part of the national reform agenda. Businesses are still required to comply with the Australian Consumer Law which provides a high standard of protection.

Owner: Department of Attorney-General and Justice

Tourism NT changed its mandatory accreditation policy to a recognised treatment arrangement

Accredited operators will receive certain benefits, but all operators will have the opportunity to be involved in Tourism NT’s marketing and other activities. By no longer making accreditation a mandatory requirement, we are reducing red tape in line with the NT Government’s direction and with contemporary market practices and behaviour.

Owner: Tourism NT

Introduced online applications for tour operator permits (all parks except Channel Point Coastal Reserve, Garig Gunak Barlu National Park - Cobourg Peninsula and the Larapinta Trail)

Saves time for tour operators.

Owner: Parks and Wildlife

​Reform ​Benefit
No reforms currently in progress, all current forms have been completed.

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