​Reform ​Benefit

Reduce paperwork for applicants applying for a 'Hunting Permit:  Feral Pigs on a Park or Reserve.'

Applicants can submit the application by email, fax, mail or in person. The Permit Office no longer needs to sight the applicant’s Shooters Licence and, in the case of nominees, copies of the nominees’ birth certificates.  These details are required on the application form. 

Saves time for applicant and reduces paperwork for Permits Office.

Owner: Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory

Permit to work in the road reserve BPAY initiative

Applicants can now pay for their permits to work in the NT Government road reserve via the electronic BPAY system. The new payment option can be used 24/7, produces an immediate receipt and saves applicants time.

Owner: Department of Infrastructure

Emergency Services Public Assistance App for mobile phones and tablets

The App provides the public faster access to a range of Police, Fire and Emergency services. Territorians can access important information relating to the tri-services, especially emergency numbers, flood and cyclone preparedness, and safety and security tips from their mobile.

Owner: Police, Fire and Emergency Services

Shooters licence extensions

Changes made with the Firearms and Weapons Control Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 will see licence durations increase from one or three years to five years; or from five years to 10 years

Reduced red tape for hunters, sporting shooters and pastoralists with the option of longer licence terms. This will reduce the number of times Territorians are required to undertake licence applications with a corresponding reduction in the processing of licences by the NT Police Force.

Owner: Police, Fire and Emergency Services

VET appeals to NTCAT

The Training and Skills Development Act 2016 commenced on 5 July 2016 and repeals the Northern Territory Employment and Training Act.

Removes the need for a separate Appeals and Review Tribunal which has been replaced by an internal review process, and in certain circumstances the NT Civil and Administrative Tribunal review processes can apply. This further consolidates and streamlines the NT’s administrative justice system.

Owner: Department of Business

Increasing licence and registration terms for tobacco retailers, property agents, auctioneers and liquor wholesalers from 12 months to up to five years

The Red Tape Reduction (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2016 which was passed by Parliament on 19 April 2016, expected to commence 1 July 2016 provide new applicants and existing licensees upon expiry of their current licence with the option of one, three or five year terms for:

  • wholesaler of liquor registration
  • auctioneer licence
  • property agent licence (real estate agents, business agents, conveyancing agents), and
  • the tobacco retail licence.

Owner: Department of Business, Department of Health

Increasing licence terms for commercial and private agents from three years to five years

From 1 July 2016, new commercial and private agents, have the option of either three year or five year licence term. This will provide these professionals less paperwork allowing more time for business.

Existing licensees will have these options upon expiry of their current licence.

Owner: Department of Business

Extending the term of the Bore Construction Permit under the Water Act from 12 months to two years.

Reduces paperwork.

Owner: Department of Land Resource Management.

Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NTCAT) reforms

The following Local Court reforms will commence on 1 May 2016:

  • The existing Local Court and Court of Summary Jurisdiction, and the jurisdictions for criminal and civil matters will be combined in a single Court to be called the Local Court (under the new Local Court Act 2015). The value of civil claims in the Local Court will be increased to $250,000 and magistrates will be called judges so as to reflect the fact that magistrates perform the functions of judges.
  • Small claims jurisdiction (under the new Small Claims Act 2016) will be transferred from the Local Court to the NTCAT and the jurisdictional limit of small claims will increase from $10,000 to $25,000. The transfer of the small claims jurisdiction to NTCAT should enhance access to justice for minor civil matters and streamline the determination of disputes. NTCAT will also be established as a one-stop shop for disputes under the Cullen Bay Marina Act, the Unit Title Schemes Act, and the Unit Titles Act.

Owner: Department of Attorney General and Justice

Environmental protection approvals are now online

The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority has made a new release to the NT EPA Online licensing system to allow businesses to apply online for environment protection approvals. Saves time for businesses.

Owner: Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority

Waterfowl permits extended to five years and now available online

​The Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory has extended the term of the waterfowl permit. The permit is now available with options of one to five years.

Owner: Parks and Wildlife Commission NT

Remote Engagement and Coordination Strategy (RECS)

​RECS is to be implemented as a best practice framework for NT Government agencies that interact with remote communities. The strategy will reduce duplication of community visits and streamline the engagement practices of NTG staff working in remote communities.

Owner: Department of Local Government and Community Services

Non-government organisation funding guidelines

​The NT Government Good Practice Guidelines for Funding Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) aims to reduce red tape by providing greater clarity and certainty for NGOs as to government funding practices.

Owner: Department of Chief Minister

Directors Liability reform

​The Statute Law Amendment (Directors’ Liability) Act 2015 amends 40 Northern Territory Acts and two Regulations to align with national agreed reforms for director’s (‘executive officers’) liability provisions in legislation. The Directors Liability reform removes an excessively risk averse approach to regulation and frees up companies and not-for-profits to be more productive.

Owner: Department of Attorney-General and Justice

Food business registrations now online with SmartForm

​Over 2,300 food businesses can now apply for, renew and pay for registration online with a SmartForm, saving time. Also prefills business details if you are the holder of an Australian Business Account. Previously, payment could only be via phone, post or in person at the Receiver of Territory Monies (cheques and cash).

Owner: Department of Health

Occupational licence approval times reduced - police history name checks now at TBCs

In collaboration with Police Fire and Emergency Services’s SafeNT, Territory Business Centres now have access to CrimTrac allowing it to deliver to applicants a quicker issuance of licences for a range of occupations, significantly reducing approval times. Licences affected are those which require a police history name check, starting with: Bookmaker Key Employee renewal, Tobacco Retail new, Tobacco Retail renewal, Tobacco Retail transfer and Tobacco Retail Change of Manager, with more to come.

The Department of Business has improved ‘over the counter services’ to the business community and reduced turnaround times. The following licences are now issued by the Territory Business Centres (TBC) with name checks performed by TBC accessing the CrimTrac system. Auctioneer new, Bookmaker Permit renewal, Casino Operative renewal, Gaming Machine Manager and Repairer renewal, Commercial and Private Agents Individual / Corporation new and renewal, Continuing Special Liquor new and renewal, Escorts Grant of Manager and Operator Licence renewal, Motor Vehicle Dealer Manager, Private Security Crowd Controller and Security renewal, Property Agents, Security Firm renewal, Secondhand Dealer and Pawnbroker new and renewal, Dangerous Goods Drivers Licence, Shot Firer Blasting renewal and Shot Firer Special Effects and Fire Work Display renewal.

Owner: Department of Business

Easier to monitor changes in regulation for Department of Business

​Department of Business will commence any changes to its legislation and regulations at only four times throughout the year: 1 January, 1 April, 1 July, 1 October, making it easier for businesses, individuals and non-government organisations to monitor and plan for changes in regulatory requirements.

Owner: Department of Business

Red Tape Reduction Business Advocate and Hotline

Provides business a contact point and support services for any business that may be experiencing difficulties in obtaining decisions, licences, approvals or information from the Northern Territory Government. The Red Tape Reduction Business Advocate can be contacted on 1800 754 466 or via email at cuttingredtape@nt.gov.au

Owner: Department of Business

Government procurement reforms Stage 1 - reduce the number of procurement tiers and provide simpler bidding arrangements

Have reduced tiers from six to five to allow more activities to reside on low risk, simpler bidding tiers.

Owner: Department of Business

Government procurement reforms Stage 1 - more flexible tender release and closing times

To speed up release and award of government contracts, tenders are now released and closed on any business day. The closing time of 2.00pm remains in place.

Owner: Department of Business

Government procurement reforms Stage 1 - amendments to Standard Conditions of Contract

In response to concerns raised by industry, the following standard contract clauses have been amended: indemnity, to enable the capping of contractors' liability in all tenders; intellectual property to enable a choice between Territory or contractor owned IP; dispute resolution to reflect the collaboration of the parties in the event of a dispute.

Owner: Department of Business

Government procurement reforms Stage 1 - changes to the role of the Procurement Review Board

The Procurement Review Board has transferred responsibility for the approval of all stages of the procurement process to agency chief executives. This will improve tender assessment timeframes by granting agencies control over all stages of tender evaluation.

Owner: Department of Business

Government procurement reforms Stage 1 - internal process improvements

Streamlining internal processes to reduce decision-making times. Allows tenders to be awarded more quickly.

Owner: Department of Business

Government procurement reforms - tender assessment and award timeframes

Tender assessment and award timeframe targets (chief executive officers to report against). Facilitates more efficient awarding of tenders.

Owner: Department of Business

Government procurement reforms - changes to local content (20%) requirements to reduce time needed for assessment

To further improve the opportunities for local businesses, replaced the generic Local Development and Value Adding question in the tender response schedule with specific questions, tailored to each procurement activity; removed the requirement to submit Industry Participation Plan proposals for procurement activities greater than $5 million.

Industry Participation Plans now only required from the preferred tenderer; and included an industry guide on conducting business with the NT Government to help businesses better understand the procurement process. This improves the information available to agencies and enables more timely assessment of tender responses to be undertaken.

Owner: Department of Business

Facilitated the removal of the moratorium on the issue of takeaway liquor licences

Ensures licences can be provided where there is a demonstrated need.

Owner: Department of Business

Increased funding to the Smarter Business Solutions NT program

Helps businesses navigate government to find services and programs to support their business.

Owner: Department of Business

Adopted national uniform approach to regulating co-operatives

Removes duplication of effort across state boundaries and duplication of paperwork. Co-operatives now only need to be registered in one jurisdiction.

Owner: Department of Business

Community gaming reforms - remove cap on the number of machines

Venue Caps to be increased from 1 July 2015:

  • Hotels: 10 to 20
  • Clubs: 45 to 55

Territory wide cap removed, facilitating competition and provides more income to the Community Benefit Fund.

Owner: Department of Business

Development of systems, processes and relationships for government to effectively engage with remote communities

Effective community engagement in regions with whole of government focus - may save community leaders time by reducing the quantity of government employees visiting regions, volume of meetings and ensuring that issues that can be resolved locally are resolved locally; issues that can be resolved regionally are resolved regionally; and only issues that cannot be resolved locally or regionally are managed through agency central offices.

Owner: Department of Local Government and Community Services

Development of an outcomes document to streamline the approach to administrative and regulatory requirements under the Northern Territory Employment and Training Act

Provides clear guidelines as to the regulatory requirements of the Act to reduce the administrative burden on the sector.

Owner: Department of Business

Investment Guide and Directory

The Office of Asian Engagement, Trade and Investment is a coordination point for the facilitation of international trade and investment. Produced the Investment Guide and Directory in four languages and available via a dedicated investment website (www.investnt.com.au). Avoids the red tape of companies having to deal with a number of different departments.

Owner: Department of Business

Streamlining print media advertising for job vacancies and contracts and tenders

Print media advertising for job vacancies and tenders and contracts to be replaced with a much smaller weekly banner advertisement directing people to the respective NT Government websites.

Owner: Department of Corporate and Information Services

Online publication of gazette

Removes the charge to government of publishing notices quickly in the gazette, with the result that notices are being made to the public and affected stakeholders are being advised quickly and stakeholders can take action accordingly.

Owner: Department of the Chief Minister

Established a one stop shop for environmental assessments - Northern Territory and Australian Government assessments now done concurrently

Removes duplication for Northern Territory and Commonwealth environmental assessments in relation to projects or developments that may have impacts on matters of national environmental significance.

Owner: Department of the Chief Minister

Enhancement to the Screening Assessment for Employment - Northern Territory (SAFE NT) application process

Providing members of the public the option to submit their applications online.

Owner: Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services

Emergency Management Act replaces the Disasters Act and has the endorsement of the Northern Territory Counter Disaster Council

Streamlines regulation for emergency management.

Owner: Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services

Paperless arrests

An alternative post arrest option for a police member who arrests a person for a prescribed infringement notice offence to permit the holding of a person where that person has been arrested without a warrant and the person was arrested as the member reasonably believed the person had committed, was committing or was about to commit an infringement notice offence (may hold the person for up to four hours and then may release the person with an infringement notice).

Owner: Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services

One registration form for businesses providing multiple services, for example beauty therapy, body piercing, hairdressing

Reduces time and paperwork by streamlining into one registration form.

Owner: Department of Health

Removed requirement for wholesale premises to be registered in order for the business to deal with schedule 6 substances

Reduces the paperwork for wholesale business and harmonises NT regulations with the rest of Australia.

Owner: Department of Health

Comment Information System

Improves coordination and processing of agency comments under various Acts. Speeds up processing times for development assessments.

Owner: Department of Land Resource Management

Amendment of the Local Government Act to reduce overhead costs and provide flexibility in the way that councils conduct by-elections

Reduces costs and time for local councils and rate payers.

Owner: Department of Local Government and Community Services

Transfer of low risk governance, operational and finance compliance functions to the Local Government Association of the Northern Territory (LGANT)

The outsourcing of these functions compliments LGANT's existing role and allows the more efficient use of the sector's as well as the department's resources to concentrate on high risk areas.

Owner: Department of Local Government and Community Services

Streamline payment of bond deposits for functions and events George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens

Reduces paperwork and time taken.

Owner: Parks and Wildlife Commission NT

Streamlined and rationalised the roles, functions and powers of the Animal Welfare Authority

Clarification of roles, functions and power of Animal Welfare Authority.

Owner: Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries

Establishment of the NT Fishing Mate App

Provides easy to access information on rules and regulations.

Owner: Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries

Structural separation of Power and Water Corporation

Allows for the introduction of competition in the supply of energy and water.

Owner: Power and Water Corporation

New Procurement Framework

Mutual benefit for PWC and industry - framework introduces more contemporary and commercial terms and conditions, streamlined approval processes, provides focus on managing contracts for continual improvement, provides more options for approaching the market, increases transparency and information for suppliers.

Owner: Power and Water Corporation

One Stop Shop

Mutual benefit for PWC and industry - improved communication with developers, streamline of processes, provision of concierge / referral point.

Owner: Power and Water Corporation

Power and Water bills available online

Reduces time taken to receive bills.

Owner: Power and Water Corporation

Licence Commission reform

Established faster decision making process by establishing the Director-General of Licensing as the decision maker (rather than the Licensing Commission) to administer all business licences currently administered by Licensing NT.

Owner: Department of Business

Creating a single, independent system of civil and administrative justice with one tribunal - the NT Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Replaces approximately 35 boards / committees and establishes a single, independent more accessible and efficient justice system for civil and administrative appeals. The first stage of legislation was passed August 2014 - will require amendments to approximately 117 Acts through a staged implementation of legislative reform. The Tribunal is a key element in the work being undertaken by three key departments to reduce red tape and improve administrative efficiencies:

  • DLPE - building occupations, plumbers, electricians, surveyors and architects
  • DoB - liquor, gaming machines, kava, escort agencies and casinos
  • AG&J - lawyers, residential tenancies, privacy, FOI, anti-discrimination and small claims.

Owner: Department of Attorney-General and Justice

Established Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to undertake environmental assessment and compliance and centralise environmental applications

Enhance efficiency and effectiveness of environmental assessments and regulation by bringing together advice on the legislative framework, transparent environmental assessment and ongoing regulation of environmental matters.

Owner: Department of Lands, Planning and the Environment

Motor vehicle registration reforms - changed to the number of required vehicle inspections

Reduced the frequency of roadworthy inspections.

Owner: Department of Transport

Motor vehicle registration reforms - pilot program to outsource some categories of licence testing to further reduce waiting times

Industry briefing has taken place. Pilot program for outsourcing C class licence testing commenced November 2014.

Owner: Department of Transport

Motor vehicle registration reforms - extending periods of validity for licences (new 10 year licence)

A new 10 year licence in addition to the one, two and five year licence options saving paperwork and time.

Owner: Department of Transport

Motor vehicle registration reforms - price signal introduced to improve waiting times for practical driving test

MVR practical testing fees increased from 1 July 2014 (in line with other jurisdictions) to help reduce waiting times for obtaining a drivers licence, which are currently around 14 weeks. The price signal is already reducing the number of people failing to attend booked tests, previously at 18%.

Owner: Department of Transport

Motor vehicle registration reforms - online booking system for light vehicle inspections

Allows motorists to book a light vehicle inspection at the Parap MVR. Provides greater convenience for those customers who are not able to attend MVR during the week. Includes light vehicles, trailers and light Commercial Passenger Vehicles.

Owner: Department of Transport

Motor vehicle registration reforms - Rego Check App / Online allows drivers to check rego and inspection due dates

Used more than 23,000 times to check vehicle expiry and registration dates, set expiry reminders and change contact details.

Owner: Department of Transport

Motor vehicle registration reforms - removal of light vehicle registration sticker

Saves the NT Government about $100,000 annually and will save time for businesses and motorists. Light vehicles include cars, motorcycles, trailers, boat trailers, caravans and horse floats. MVR issued approximately 240,000 light vehicle registration stickers each year.

Owner: Department of Transport

Motor vehicle registration reforms - changes to eye sight testing

Eye sight testing is required on application for first licence and then at age 70 and then annually.

Owner: Department of Transport

Motor vehicle registration reforms - can now pay for renewals at Australia Post outlets

Registration and licensing renewals are now available over the counter at Australia Post.

Owner: Department of Transport

Motor vehicle registration reforms - new vehicles exempt from inspection for first five years

Reduces requirement to have vehicle inspected in first five years.

Owner: Department of Transport

Motor vehicle registration reforms - ability to receive licence and car registration renewals online

Reduces time taken to receive bills.

Owner: Department of Transport

Condensed eight sets of public health regulations to one set of public and environmental health regulations, streamlining and modernising business compliance.

Reduces 309 regulatory provisions to 84 under Public Health and Environment Act.

Owner: Department of Health

Business Engagement Program

The Department of Business provides dedicated Business Development Officers to assist businesses trying to navigate government, and to access programs and grants that will help the local business community to improve their business.

Owner: Department of Business

Workers compensation reform for career firefighters

Simplified access to workers compensation for career firefighters.

Legislation provides that 12 specified cancers are deemed to be contracted in the course of employment. Will save time and costs for claimants.

Owner: Department of Business

Museum and Art Gallery NT (MAGNT) made a statutory authority operating under new governance arrangements

Business and other stakeholders of the MAGNT will be able to directly engage with and conduct business with the MAGNT.

Private donors, corporate sponsors and philanthropic organisations will be able to more easily engage with the MAGNT to better enhance its collections and programs.

Owner: Arts and Museums

Arts NT, Screen Territory - grant applications have been made available online

Reduce administrative burden on NGOs and increase access to grants through online grant application. NT Library and NT Archives Service will also use the system from 2014.

Owner: Arts and Museums

Co-located NT Archive Service with National Archive of Australia

One location for researchers to access NT and Australian archives.

Owner: Arts and Museums

Introduced InvoiceNTG

Enables suppliers to government to lodge and track invoices electronically. Reduces paperwork and saves time - businesses no longer have to phone to ascertain status of payment. Provides email remittance and payment alerts.

Owner: Department of Corporate and Information Services

Quotes and Tenders Online enhanced to allow lodgement, tracking and viewing of quotes and tenders in one system

Saves time for business - previously had to access two separate online systems.

Owner: Department of Corporate and Information Services

Introduced a smartphone App to access tender opportunities

Provides business with access to tender opportunities 'on the go'. Saves time for business and increases productivity.

Owner: Department of Corporate and Information Services

Police officers able to access vehicle and personal particulars on iPads

Personal particulars and vehicle registration information accessed by officers at the touch of a button - less waiting time for members of the public.

Owner: Northern Territory Police

Removed requirement for a retail business to hold a licence to sell schedule 6 substances (Poisons)

Saves time and paperwork for businesses to sell basic household cleaning agents, essential oil and pesticides.

Owner: Department of Health

Pharmacists now able to vaccinate

Saves time and money for citizens. A pilot is being conducted increasing accessibility of vaccination services.

Owner: Department of Health

Nurses, eligible midwives and podiatrists now able to write prescriptions

Saves time and money for patients.

Owner: Department of Health

Repealed Places of Public Entertainment Act

Removed duplicative and unnecessary regulation.

Owner: Department of Local Government and Community Services

Abolished Regional Management Plans

Removes a cumbersome process for coordinating local government action.

Owner: Department of Local Government and Community Services

Gave the minister power to make restructuring orders in relation to local government areas

Simplifies the process for restructuring local government areas.

Owner: Department of Local Government and Community Services

Simplified the process for declaration by local government of conditional rates for mining and pastoral land

Assists local government.

Owner: Department of Local Government and Community Services

Extended the term of permits for pig hunting from one year to five years

Reduces paperwork for hunters.

Owner: Parks and Wildlife Commission

Reduced approval times for Take Wildlife permits

Saves time for primary producers and other businesses.

Owner: Parks and Wildlife Commission

Introduced Marine Safety National Law with one safety regulator

Simplifies regulatory framework and reduces costs for operators, especially those who operate across borders.

Owner: Department of Transport

Rail Safety - moved to a single national rail safety regulator

Cuts costs for rail operators and improves productivity and safety for the rail industry. Operators will no longer have to apply for accreditation in each jurisdiction they operate. Rail operators will not need to abide by several different laws or pay multiple fees. Delivers savings in time and money and provides incentive for interstate operators to service the NT.

Owner: Department of Transport

Simplified First Home Owners Grant into one grant with one application form

Saves time and simplifies process for applicants and government.

Owner: Department of Treasury and Finance

Removed property value limit on First Home Owner Grant (FHOG)

More first home buyers able to access FHOG.

Owner: Department of Treasury and Finance

Participating in national payroll tax website

Will simplify payroll tax payment and compliance for businesses.

Owner: Department of Treasury and Finance

Delivery of eLearning through national payroll tax webinars

Reduces regulatory uncertainty for business.

Owner: Department of Treasury and Finance

Senior, pensioner and carer stamp duty concession increased from $8,500 to $10,000

Improves housing affordability and reduces a barrier for Territorians downsizing or finding more appropriate homes.

Owner: Department of Treasury and Finance

Abolished stamp duty on life insurance products from 1 July 2015

Reduces cost for life insurance.

Owner: Department of Treasury and Finance

Stamp duty exemption on gifts of motor vehicles by parents to children now includes stepchildren

Streamlines the process and cost for gifting vehicles to stepchildren.

Owner: Department of Treasury and Finance

Simplified residency requirements for first home owner, principal place of residence rebate and the seniors, pensioner and carer concession

Assists NT workers who have to work remotely and are away from home for periods of time. Where property is purchase by co-owners, only one owner is required to live in the property.

Owner: Department of Treasury and Finance

Enacted legislation to move progressively to national energy market regulation

Will reduce barriers to entry to the NT energy market and potentially increase competition.

Owner: Department of Treasury and Finance

Stamp duty exemptions and reforms

Stamp d​uty exemption on health insurance now includes policies held by overseas students and temporary visa holders.

New exemption for creation of trusts for sale and trusts for partition. Removes a barrier to use these trusts where there is a relationship breakdown between co-owners.

New pro rata concession where there is a conveyance of property under a trust for sale back to one of the original co-owners.

Abolished stamp duty for Fidelity Fund certificates of insurance under the Building Act.

Owner: Department of Treasury and Finance

Cutting red tape for co-operatives

National co-operatives reforms will make it easier for co-operatives carrying out business across a state or territory border. Co-operatives will now be able to do so without the costly process of registering in each jurisdiction. Smaller co-operatives will also benefit through simplified financial reporting to members and removing the obligation to lodge publicly available accounts.

Owner: Department of Business

​WHS Regulation amendments

​The Northern Territory Government has progressed amendments to three areas of the Work Health and Safety (National Uniform Legislation) Regulations.

The amendments will commence on 4 April 2016 and will:

  • increase the construction project trigger point value to $500,000
  • make the regulator the sole issuer of construction induction cards in the Northern Territory
  • allow licence and permit holders to notify matters to the regulator via phone, email, mail or in person.

Owner: Department of Business

Extension to Shotfirers Licence term to five years

Reduces paperwork and time for licence holders.

Owner: Department of Business

Reducing work health and safety regulatory burden by removing or simplifying a number of regulations

A saving in time and resources as either regulation has been removed or has been simplified or clarified such that it is easier to comply with. Includes allowing High Risk Work licences and permits granted in other jurisdictions to be recognised in the Territory, broadening the range of workers eligible for undertaking major inspections of cranes and amusement devices and allowing businesses to use their own (plant and structure) design verifiers rather than independent verifiers that are hard to find.

Owner: Department of Business

Removed requirement for applicants for a Dangerous Goods driver’s licence to attend MVR

Saves applicants time and $12 as they no longer have to attend MVR to obtain certification of status from MVR. NT WorkSafe staff now have access to MVR database.

Owner: Department of Business

Trade licensing - High Risk Work licences can now be issued over the counter at Territory Business Centres (TBCs)

Time saving of up to 20 days for trades and business. Processing time is now approximately 20 minutes. High risk licences include forklift, scaffolding, dogging, rigging, crane operation and others. As an indication of the number of licences affected, in the 2012 to 2013 financial year, TBCs issued more than 6,200 High Risk Work licences.

Owner: Department of Business

​Reform ​Benefit
Commercial Passenger Vehicle reforms

​New initiatives which will reduce red tape will be introduced:

  • Amend the Commercial Passenger (Road) Transport Act to replace the current nine CPV licence categories with five, namely bus, taxi, minibus, private hire and charter.
  • Regulate that vehicles within each category will have similar market access and will pay the same annual licence fee.
  • Amend regulations to reflect that courtesy vehicles will no longer be regulated as CPVs, however drivers will still be required to meet fit and proper requirements and hold a current CPV identification card.
  • Develop a single body of regulations to simplify the current complex system.

Owner: Department Transport

Review of red tape for NGOs

​On 23 September 2015 the Non-Government Organisation (NGO) Advisory Council was established to oversee a review of red tape in the NGO sector. The newly formed council will be reporting back to government mid-year 2016. The council members are experienced in the Northern Territory’s NGO sector, with representatives from each region of the NT.

Owner: Department of Business

Review of Business Tenancies (Fair Dealings) Act

The draft report was released to stakeholders in July 2013 - amendments to create certainty and fairness in retail shop leasing arrangements.

Owner: Department of Attorney-General and Justice

Reducing the processing time for business and occupational licences requiring police history checks by allowing Territory Business Centres (TBCs) to undertake the checks and to issue licences over the counter

This reform is part of the Department of Business’ review of its licensing arrangements to enhance and deliver a comprehensive range of business licences, permits and approvals to an over the counter service at TBC. This will save clients time, reducing paperwork and processing times within multiple agencies. It will reduce the processing time from four weeks to 15 minutes for police history checks at TBCs.

Owner: Department of Business

Environment - One Stop Shop for environmental assessment (Territory and Federal approvals to be done concurrently)

Once finalised, the Australian Government will accredit NT environmental approval processes as meeting Australian Government requirements. This will significantly reduce time and costs for major project proponents.

Owner: Department of the Chief Minister

Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation legislation amendments to increase focus on the rehabilitation of injured workers

Reducing time taken for injured workers and reducing costs to employers.

Owner: Department of Business

Land access - introducing online lodgement of applications for Authority Certificates

Saves time and paperwork for businesses.

Owner: Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority

Reducing approval times for business licences and removing unnecessary licences

Stage 2 - a thorough review of all the licences currently issued by Licensing NT, such as in liquor, security, gaming machine, gambling, tobacco and related areas, is partially complete. The review is identifying: licences which are suitable to be received and processed by TBCs across the NT on suitable delegations from the Director of Licensing; opportunities to consolidate licence processing steps and modernise processing through the application of technology and systems; significantly reduce the time taken to process and issue licences; identify anything which requires amendment to allow licences to be issued over the counter at TBCs in one visit.

This reform will proceed in parallel with the NTCAT reform which will centralise all appeals to one tribunal. SmartForms and IT upgrades will also be incorporated to improve processing and allow one visit issue, where practical.

Owner: Department of Business

Developing an integrated licensing system

Will streamline applications for licensing and eventually allow on line applications, reducing paperwork.

Owner: Department of Business

Automotive industry review

Commenced a review of the automotive industry to focus on minimising red tape, business growth opportunities, consumer protection, and adherence to pricing and national competition principles.

Owner: Department of Business and Department of Transport

Working with Australian Charities Commission - to reduce duplication in reporting requirements

Streamlined reporting, and reduced duplication.

Owner: Department of Business

Reduce the categories of liquor licences

Will create clarity around applications and compliance monitoring - seen as a priority by industry.

Owner: Department of Business

Implement a range of measures across all agencies to reduce paperwork and the number of contacts that people and businesses need to make with government.

Includes extending licence and permit terms to five years (or longer if appropriate); reducing reporting requirements; simplifying forms; moving all transactions online; prefilling renewal forms; centralising licensing databases; increasing collaboration across agencies (for example, information sharing, joint inspections).

Owner: Department of Business

Establish the interface between Unicard and WIMS

Ensures reduced risk for error with data inputting.

Owner: Department of Business

Removal of the requirement for reportable notifiable incidents to be followed up with a written 137 form

Reduces the workload of the sector but still ensure that workplace incidents are reported as per legislation.

Owner: Department of Business

Consumer Affairs Legislative review

Streamline requirements and responsibilities of agencies.

Owner: Department of Business and Department of Attorney-General and Justice

Community services - migrate funding agreements from annual to three year terms reducing paper work and saving time

Enable three year funding agreements for Housing Maintenance, Municipal and Essential Services and NT Jobs Package.

Owner: Department of Local Government and Community Services

Environmental - One Stop Shop for environmental approvals (Territory and Federal approvals to be done concurrently)

Removes duplication for Northern Territory and Commonwealth environmental approvals in relation to projects or developments that may have impacts on matters of national environmental significance.

Owner: Department of the Chief Minister

Electronic infringement notices

Police will be able to issue electronic infringement notices reducing the time taken for the notice to be given to the public.

Owner: Northern Territory Fire, Police and Emgerncy Services

Community housing providers - move to national system of registration, monitoring and regulation of community housing providers. Role of registrar as the regulator.

Minimising the regulatory burden for providers operating across multiple jurisdictions as regulation can be managed by a single lead registrar.

Owner: Department of Housing

Extend term of permits for Waterfowl hunting from one to five years

Reduces paperwork for hunters.

Owner: Parks and Wildlife Commission

Maritime industry review

Streamline processes and reduce red tape and costs to operators - further reduce charges and differing requirements between jurisdictions.

Owner: Department of Transport

Streamlining recreational vessel safety requirements

Will standardise safety requirements based on risk and introduce flexibility in compliance requirements to recognise advances in technology.

Owner: Department of Transport

Reducing red tape in relation to the management of vessels in ports

Streamlining processes, reducing red tape and costs for the management of vessels in ports and other areas across the NT.

Owner: Department of Transport

Implement a range of reforms across various NT public sector superannuation schemes: NTGPASS, NTSSS, LAMS, Administrators Pension Scheme

Achieve administrative efficiencies and align with Commonwealth requirements.

Owner: Department of Treasury and Finance

Incorporation of behavioural insight principles to correspondence, publications and training sessions to assist clients in understanding and complying with their statutory obligations

Making it easier to comply. Simplifies technical and legal concepts.

Owner: Department of Treasury and Finance

Use data from a range of internal and third party sources to enable compliance activity to be targeted to areas with a high risk of non-compliance

Reduces the likelihood of auditing low risk taxpayers. Limits resources to identified areas of interest.

Owner: Department of Treasury and Finance

Development of interactive web based forms

Simplifying the process of completing and lodging forms.

Owner: Department of Treasury and Finance

Conduct an annual review of registered taxpayers to ensure those with a low liability lodge annually rather than monthly

Reduce the administrative burden for small to medium businesses.

Owner: Department of Treasury and Finance

NT WorkSafe advisory service delivery

Introduce a significant shift for NT WorkSafe to deliver advisory focused service delivery rather than regulator dominated delivery.

Owner: Department of Business

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